Diamond Carat: What do they mean?

Often parodied as a pun of carrot in various Bugs Bunny cartoon, the term diamond carat refers to the unit of the weight that is used to determine the price of any gemstone, including diamonds in particular. The term carat itself origins from the use of carob seed, that is used to weigh gemstone in […]

How to identify diamond Carat?

When we are dealing with diamonds, the first and the foremost factor that justifies the valuable gem’s price is the carat weight (widely shown as ct.). Carat is the unit of weight and size of the aforementioned precious stone, which is originated from the carob seed, the original units of measuring for diamond traders in […]

Tips on buying diamonds – How to buy diamonds

Well the most important thing when shopping for diamonds as i am sure you’ve heard, is the four C’s that’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Cut is arguably the most important because that’s what unleashes the fire in the brilliance making them sparkly and that’s why we love diamonds and then we have Clarity. […]

Beautiful Round Brilliant Bar Set Eternity Bracelet in 14k White Gold

This Beautiful Round Brilliant Bar Set Eternity Bracelet in 14k White gold features 40 stunning bar set round brilliant diamonds totaling 2 9/10 carats for an overall dazzling and chic look for $3,800. Diamond Information Number Of Diamonds:   40 Diamond Shape:   Round Total Carat Weight:   2.95 Diamond Average Color:   G-H Diamond Average Clarity: […]

Diamondwave Review – Canadian Diamond jewelry providers

Diamondwave, one of the leading internet jewelry providers, just launched their new website that promises to revolutionize one’s purchase experience of a diamond ring online. After years of customer input, Diamondwave perfected the entire sign layout and design to help refine your selection quickly. DiamondWave began in 2008 as just a vision at the time […]

Women’s Favourite Pieces: Diamonds

Diamond rings are any woman’s favorite piece of jewelry. In today’s world, men also prefer to wear diamond ring. Diamond rings have special value attached to occasions such as engagement, marriage, anniversary and many other functions. Giving and receiving rings have been centuries old custom among people all over the world. And diamond rings are no less exception […]

Shapes of diamonds

One of the most important factors affecting the beauty of the diamond is its shape. The cut and outline of a diamond makes an impact on its appearance. There are various shapes of diamonds available according to the taste and preferences of the consumer. Diamond can be found in various alternative shapes such as round, […]

Diamond Carat

Diamond Carat Price Table Carat Cut Color Clarity Price 0.30 Excellent D SI1 $303 0.51 Good E I1 $728 0.61 Fair D VVS2 $2,104 0.82 Fair D VVS2 $3,225 1.01 Fair E VS1 $5,079 Interested in learning about diamond carat? Click here to read from a professional! Before going into the description and details as to how […]

Aquamarine Jewelry Buying Guide

When one hears aquamarine, the first image that is conjured in the mind is that of the vitality and splendor of the ocean. Consisting of aluminum silicate, this gem is blue green in color and is said to possess mystical healing attributes. Moreover, it has been regarded universally as the symbol of health, hope and […]

Information On Alexandrite Jewelry

The beautiful alexandrite jewelry is so exquisite and precious that it makes any wearer feel like royalty. Named after Alexander II, this stone has the most captivating feature of color changing phenomena which is exhibited by no other gemstone. Because of this, the stone exhibits a green color in natural sunlight but transforms to red […]


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