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Tips on buying diamonds – How to buy diamonds

Well the most important thing when shopping for diamonds as i am sure you’ve heard, is the four C’s that’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

4Cs of a diamond 300x215 Tips on buying diamonds   How to buy diamonds

Cut is arguably the most important because that’s what unleashes the fire in the brilliance making them sparkly and that’s why we love diamonds and then we have Clarity.

Clarity are the little imperfections we sometimes call them “Nature’s birth marks.” Those are what have little tiny marks they could e little carbon fishers or with little dark spots. Now its OK if they have little spots. But they should be somewhat not visible to the eye.

And then we have Carat Weight. Now for some people carat weight is the most important because when you are looking at a diamond “Size” does matter. If you do buy diamond over 1 Carat it should come with a warranty or certificate.

and then the last C that’s the “Color”, Now the color which is graded from D-Z.

And here we have a couple of examples of loose diamonds.

And the reason why we put them on a white piece of paper is because the closer they are to the white paper the better the color.

So we have two examples here one is the round diamond and the other one is the princess cut these are the two most popular cuts out there today.


loose diamond example 300x151 Tips on buying diamonds   How to buy diamonds

Little about Warranty or Certificate:

Its should be an independent laboratory because they look at the diamond and grade it. And they actually grade those four “C’s”, So that you know what you are getting and that you’re paying for getting the most for your money.

Tips for getting the most for your money:

Its a subjective process so some people like to look at cut because it looks like its make it sparkly. But if carat weight is most important for you. Then you can go a little bit less in terms of quality on the other three C’s.

So it’s Really up to you.


Is it easier to save money if you choose loose diamonds?

Not necessarily some people like to pick and choose the two separately, so that they can pick their diamonds and have it set into the mounting that they want.

But most of the times people go with preset diamond rings you can find some good pre-set diamond rings here. Or feel free to contact us if you want to choose a loose diamond and get it set.


Beautiful Round Brilliant Bar Set Eternity Bracelet in 14k White Gold

This Beautiful Round Brilliant Bar Set Eternity Bracelet in 14k White gold features 40 stunning bar set round brilliant diamonds totaling 2 9/10 carats for an overall dazzling and chic look for $3,800.

Diamond Information

Number Of Diamonds:   40
Diamond Shape:   Round
Total Carat Weight:   2.95
Diamond Average Color:   G-H
Diamond Average Clarity:   SI2
Setting Type:   Bar

Bracelet Information

Metal Type:   14k White Gold
Length:   7 “
Rhodium:   Yes
Price: $3,800

Need help in buying this Diamond bracelets ?

Diamondwave Review – Canadian Diamond jewelry providers

diamondwave review Diamondwave Review   Canadian Diamond jewelry providers

Diamondwave, one of the leading internet jewelry providers, just launched their new website that promises to revolutionize one’s purchase experience of a diamond ring online. After years of customer input, Diamondwave perfected the entire sign layout and design to help refine your selection quickly. DiamondWave began in 2008 as just a vision at the time Pamela Scott decided to take her 20+ years of diamond buying experience and share her expertise with online diamond shoppers. She has built her reputation on her high ethical standards and takes pride in helping customers find a diamond that suits their taste and budget.

Helps Customers buying the right diamond:

There are NO COMMISSIONS to order with DiamondWave; they pride themselves on straight up, no nonsense advice. Pamela has helped 100’s of customers and not all of them bought from DiamondWave if she didn’t have it she directed them to someone who did. Those customers remember this and have come back to DiamondWave for their other jewelry purchases. Starting with Diamond Education, Diamondwave offers easy to understand guides discussing Diamond Cut, Diamond size, Diamond Clarity and Diamond Color. These easy to read guides with clear pictures build customer product knowledge and makes buying a diamond less stressful. The new site offers an intuitive approach to help one to filter through the 1,000s of products on the site. Once chosen, a Diamond ring style one can quickly filter the selection on price, ring color etc. The pictures are beautiful and really allow to fully appreciate the beauty of the ring by using the magnify feature which displays a high resolution magnified picture. Choosing a particular carat weight, minimum color, price range and clarity have been simplified to a simple pull down menu. The pricing is aggressive and the online ratings are all astounding. Diamondwave will be adding the loose stone feature in the future; customers can email the diamond consultants with any requests and they can assist with finding the right diamond.

Diamondwave Specializes in Canadian Diamonds:

DiamondWave owns thousands of diamonds at any given time and specializes in Canadian diamonds from the Northwest Territories. Nearly 90% of all their diamonds are Canadian mined and come with a ‘Canadian Mine Origin Document’ for authenticity. Diamondwave offers an extensive line of Diamond Stud Earrings in yellow gold, white gold and platinum. The prices vary based on stone size and material type. The earrings come with screw on backs to prevent any accidental loss of your jewelry. In December, Diamondwave started selling Crisscut Diamond Engagement rings by Christopher Designs. Crisscut is a patented technique in diamond cutting that allows the stone to be cut in various unique patterns that display the stone’s true beauty and increase the value of the jewelry. The collection became an immediate success. Breathtaking in design and set in 18k white gold, each ring is a masterpiece.   Diamondwave carries an elaborate collection of engagement rings that include single center diamonds, multiple diamonds, side stones, and ring shapes from low profile to vintage designs. A popular trend is to build your own ring using simple instructions provided on the Diamondwave site.

What to Consider When Designing Your Jewelry

Decide what diamond you want to buy. We offer diamond clarity from Flawless
to I2 Clarity and Color D-Z. If you need help deciding what diamond to buy, or have questions call our Diamond Consultants. Diamond pricing depends on diamondwave banner 150x150 Diamondwave Review   Canadian Diamond jewelry providersvarious factors: cut carat weight, color and clarity. Since diamonds are considered a commodity, diamond prices fluctuate; therefore, the time at which our buyers make a purchase affects the cost. They can send you a loose diamond, set the diamond of your choice in a setting we carry, or we can find a specific style within our casting companies if you can’t find it on our web site. Can’t find the right diamond? Contact the diamond consultants and they are happy to assist you. You might even find that Pamela answers your call or email. Looking for colored diamonds? They have access to Pinks, Yellows and Blues or any other colors that are available. We also offer other precious gems such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and more. Show them what you are looking for. If you can’t find a style you are looking for on the web site, please send us a photo, link or sketch of the style and they will be glad to help you. * Based on availability of custom designs.

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Diamondwave generous 45 day, no questions asked return policy which is 50% longer than most online jewelers gives customers extra confidence knowing they have ample time to review their purchase.

10 Year Trade-Up Guarantee on Certified Diamond Purchases.

When your 45-Day Money Back Guarantee has expired and you purchase one of our GIA or AGS certified diamonds you can still trade up to one of greater value for the next 10 years! The trade up credit will be equal to the diamond’s full purchase amount. There is no limit on the number of times you can upgrade your diamond and there is no restocking fee. This does not apply to preset non-certified products. For example, if you’re original GIA or AGS certified diamond was purchased for $3,000 and you would like to upgrade to another GIA or AGS certified diamond that is priced at $4,500, you would only pay $1,500.

Click here to Visit Diamondwave.com now

Free shipping is offered site-wide. Additional information can be found on the Diamondwave blog and Facebook. For additional information regarding Diamondwave please contact Diamondwave at service@diamondwave.com

Women’s Favourite Pieces: Diamonds

Diamond rings are any woman’s favorite piece of jewelry. In today’s world, men also prefer to wear diamond ring. Diamond rings have special value attached to occasions such as engagement, marriage, anniversary and many other functions. Giving and receiving rings have been centuries old custom among people all over the world. And diamond rings are no

DesignYourOwn Womens Favourite Pieces: Diamonds Womens Favourite Pieces: Diamondsless exception from this practice. Diamond rings enhances the overall look of the person and also the outfit that he or she is wearing, thus enhancing the overall persona of the individual. While diamond rings are preferred choice of rings for the people, solitaire diamond rings are perfect for engagement and proposing for marriage. Old classic period rings to the current or latest designs which suits to the today’s trend are available for purchase in the market today. It is only that people should be aware of the ways and means to buy the rings, especially the diamond rings.

People should carefully choose the jeweler after checking the prices and quality of the diamond rings in the shops; they should learn and gather information from persons who know how to buy diamond rings and also learn information through website or self help books. People should be aware of the reputation of the jeweler. One should be aware of the 4C’s of the diamond, such as the cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Here the cut refers to the measure or proportions. That is, a well cut diamond appears brilliant. Color refers to the degree of colorlessness. An ideal diamond ring is one which is colorless and hence the most expensive. Clarity refers to the purity of the diamond. Thus a GIA (Geological Institute of America) certified diamond rings should be bought, since such a certification gives the identity, authenticity and value of the diamond. This assures the overall quality of the diamond rings.

Thus jewelry, especially in the form of diamond ring, diamond ear ring, engagement ring is suitable to mark any occasion such as engagement, wedding or anniversary, since these events are of highly personal in nature and calls for that special touch which could successfully be fulfilled only by a piece of jewelry.


Shapes of diamonds

One of the most important factors affecting the beauty of the diamond is its shape. The cut and outline of a diamond makes an impact on its appearance. There are various shapes of diamonds available according to the taste and preferences of the consumer.

Diamond can be found in various alternative shapes such as round, emerald, asscher, radiant, cushion, oval, heart and pear.


Round shape:

round shape diamond 150x150 Shapes of diamonds
The gemologists have done more research on round diamonds than diamonds of any other cut. It appears brighter than diamonds of other cuts because it holds outstanding property of refraction of light. In the process of cutting, the round diamond loses more of its original carat weight as compared to other diamonds.



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Emerald shape diamond 150x150 Shapes of diamonds

Emerald shape:


The cut of an emerald diamond is somewhere in between the rectangle and  square shape. It has got excellent clarity and is more transparent. Its shape is measured in length to width ratio which ranges from 1.25 to 1.5. it is economically considered to be beneficial for a consumer. With the increase in the number of facets provided by the cutter on the diamond, its cost keeps increasing.



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Asscher shape:

asscher shape diamond 150x150 Shapes of diamonds


It was found by a diamond cutter Joseph Asscher in 1902. It got its name after  his name. The diamond shape length to width ratio that is considered while selecting an asscher diamond ranges from 1.0 to 1.05.




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Radiant shape:

radiant shape diamond 150x150 Shapes of diamonds


It was discovered 20 years ago. It has got 70 facets. Its length to width ratio  for determination of its shape ranges from 1 to 1.05. in case of rectangular radiant diamonds it ranges from 1.15 or greater than that.




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Cushion shape:

cushion shape diamond 150x150 Shapes of diamonds

It was discovered in 1830. It’s either in rectangular or square in shape and has got rounded sides and corner. For those who are fond of vintage style jewelry, the cushion cut diamond turns out to be their favorite.






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Oval shape:

oval hape diamond 150x150 Shapes of diamonds

An oval cut diamond is flattering to the eyes of the viewer for its slender beauty. It has got the same number of facets as that of a round diamond. The oval cut diamond has a length to width ratio between 1.3 and 1.65.





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Pear shape:

pear shape diamond 150x150 Shapes of diamonds

This is an elegant pear shaped diamond that looks exactly like a drop of water. It has got on single point and a rounded end. It is also known as a “teardrop” or “drop cut” diamond. It has got 58 radiant facets. Its length to width ratio ranges between 1.4 and 1.75





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Heart shape:

heart shape diamond 150x150 Shapes of diamonds


The heart shape diamonds symbolizes love and affection. They are basically a perfect choice in case of anniversaries or engagements. They are high quality diamonds with 58 facets. Their length to width ratio ranges between 1 and 1.1.




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Baguette shape:

Baguette diamond shape 150x150 Shapes of diamonds


They are rectangular in shape and their proportions are more like that of an emerald cut. They are long in length with straight sides and four sharp corners. Their length to width ratio ranges as 1.5:1.




Marquise shape

marquise shape diamond 150x150 Shapes of diamonds


Marquise shape diamond can be maximized the diamond’s carat weight. This can boost the beauty and can make it appear large and this beauty can be enhanced in a natural way. what more do you want when your diamond looks bigger and more attractive. this is one of the best ways of enticing many onlookers.



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There variety in shapes available attracts consumers. Their elegant beauty and grace makes them appear more bright, lustrous and bright.

Diamond Carat

Diamond Carat Price Table

btn Diamond Carat
btn Diamond Carat
btn Diamond Carat
btn Diamond Carat
btn Diamond Carat

Interested in learning about diamond carat? Click here to read from a professional!

Before going into the description and details as to how much and how the carat of a diamond matters, it is important to understand what really the carat of a diamond is. According to the leading online information websites, the diamond carat terms comes from a Greek word whose literal translation means the fruit which is derived from a tree of carob. In ancient periods, the carob pod seeds were used by many as the standard apparatus and measure for weighing different items. However, since the seed sizes were almost identical to each other this made it easier for the user to weight anything which he or she wanted to weigh. This provided a natural and universally accepted measurement standard for small entities.

 Diamond Carat Weight Chart

diamond carat weight 300x185 Diamond Carat

Click the image to enlarge


However, in the start of the twentieth century, the fourth Conference on Measures and Weights had taken place and in that conference it was decided that the modern carat of a diamond should be precisely equal to around two hundred milligrams. This is the technical measurement for the metric carats and it is also the standard version of the carat weights that is being accepted and used universally by gemologists and jewelers world over. The following lines provide information on how does the carat weight matter when one is going to buy a diamond in the market.

Diamond size chart

diamond size chart 259x300 Diamond Carat
click the image to enlarge



According to most experts and most of the leading diamond professionals, the carat weight doesn’t matter at all. This can be understood from the fact that when an individual looks at the diamond which is set on the ring or on any other form of jewelry, the eyes doesn’t see the weight of the stone. It actually looks at the physical size of the stone and as it is widely believed – larger the stone better is its beauty. It is an obvious fact that the eye only sees the dimensions of the stone and the natural mind isn’t able to actually get the information regarding the weight of the stone. Moreover, if all the things are rightly considered, then the total physical size is also not considered by the seer because most of the diamond is obscured in the jewelry that is kept. The area visible to the user is only the surface area’s top.


In the case of round diamonds, the whole diameter can be viewed by the user whereas in the case of other shaped diamonds, the user is able to see the function of width and length. For ease if understanding the below mentioned lines make more mention of the diameter of the diamond but the shape should be considered general for all. This thing should be understood that there is a direct relation between the diameter of the stone and the carat weight that it is going to exhibit. For example, it isn’t mathematically possible for diamonds weight 0.09 carats to have a higher surface area than those which are weighing one carat. However, as the quality of the cut varies greatly, it can be a great difference on how much the diameters are supposed to be according to the carat weight.


According to experienced gemologists and jewelry designers, the diameter of a single carat diamond can range from 5.5 mm (that is quite a deep one) and go all the way to around 6.6 mm and that size is renewed for being called very shallow and flat version of diamond. This means that while the weight measurements do matter to the user because they determine the amount that the user is going to pay, it is best to focus on the diameter of the stone and also the cut grade that is going to be chosen for the diamond. This means that it is best to go for a .88 carat diamond that has a diameter of almost 6.2 mm, which looks great and is also cheaper as compared to going for a diamond which weighs one carat, is smaller in diameter (around six mm) and looks quite ugly. And this fact should be believed that diamonds also manage to look ugly quite a number of times.

As for the last ditch recommendations, the users are advised to always go for the lowest clarity and color variations of the diamonds which still manage to look quite beautiful to the naked eye. After going for that, it is best to go for the best possible carat weight (go for possibly the largest diamond) that can easily fit the budget of the user. When the three Cs are covered in this manner, it becomes possible for the user to make a good choice on the diamond. However, it is important to give due consideration to the cut of the diamond because if the diamond is heavy and is poorly cut than it is worth a lot less than another one which is well cut but is lighter.


You can Learn More about the Carat Weight here.

Aquamarine Jewelry Buying Guide

When one hears aquamarine, the first image that is conjured in the mind is that of the vitality and splendor of the ocean. Consisting of aluminum silicate, this gem is blue green in color and is said to possess mystical healing attributes. Transparency of aquamarine Aquamarine Jewelry Buying GuideMoreover, it has been regarded universally as the symbol of health, hope and youth. Although several stones come in a wide range of colors, the ideal aquamarine is always sea blue. If this is available without any green or gray in it then it is quite valuable. The cheaper ones have some or the other blemishes but the best quality of this stone are totally transparent and don’t contain any external imperfections or flaws.

Because of its durable nature, this is frequently chosen for rings that are available in large sizes or precise cuts that include an oval or rectangular shape. With a good cut, the wearer can see the depth of liveliness and color that is present in this stone while some imperfections might be revealed. The best varieties of this stone can be availed from Ukraine, Madagascar, Zambia, Nigeria and Brazil. It is important to notice the works of famous craftsman when going out to buy this jewel because from there one can gauge what the beauty of this stone is. The things to notice are the overall finish and also the quality of the stones.Aquamarine ring1 Aquamarine Jewelry Buying Guide

Some other questions which should be considered are whether the piece show any sign of repair or damage. Whether the gemstone is free of any scratch or is completely clean. It is important to closely look at the carat weight and the gemstone color as they are quite important factors in getting to know the price of the item. When studying the design, be very critical otherwise one might be duped. Some other questions can be asked which include the period during which it had been made, is there any eye appeal, is the design proportioned and balanced and whether the ring can be worn or not. Many people say that it is best to wear the jewelry before buying it otherwise the size can be an issue later.aqua grades 300x75 Aquamarine Jewelry Buying GuideFor collectors, it is important to make note of the demand value of the piece that they are obtaining. Moreover, as jewelry pieces can be quite unusual, it is important to be well aware and acquainted with the whole industry. Collectors are seen to favor large aquamarine items but the size of the jewelry depends on the fashion trends going on in that time. However, these guidelines can be sometimes dismissed in the circumstances where the jewelry is being purchased because it appeals to one’s passion and taste.

Information On Alexandrite Jewelry

The beautiful alexandrite jewelry is so exquisite and precious that it makes any wearer feel like royalty. Named after Alexander II, this stone has the most captivating feature of color changing phenomena which is exhibited by no other gemstone. Because of this, the stone exhibits a green color in natural sunlight but transforms to red color in bulb or artificial light and because of this feature many jewelers call the gemstone emerald by day, ruby by night. Due to some mineral presences, the color can also be blue to purple but the fact remains that the color transformation is quite intense and is highly pleasurable to watch.


Alexandrite Stones Information On Alexandrite Jewelry

However, because of the aforementioned, purchasing this can be quite difficult for individuals as the authentic ones are high priced and quite rare. Depending on the stone quality, chances are that the buyer would have to spend a small or large fortune. There are several things which can make looking for an alexandrite easier and the first one amongst them is the color change phenomena. If the color change is strong and intense then the price of the jewelry will shoot up. Apart from this, the origin of the stone is also crucial as the Russian alexandrite is more valuable as it is of superior quality and quite rare. The other natural deposits are seen in some parts of Brazil, Africa, India and Sri Lanka.



With alexandrite, it is easy to make a panache and confident statement and one of the best ways is to go for alexandrite ring with matching earrings. The large rings are also popular amongst men who wish to look different. When going for such expensive jewelry, it is best to get an authenticity certificate from any reputed gemstone laboratory. However, the reputed jewelers and stores always sell their alexandrite with the certificate. The large alexandrite stones are mostly used for creating rings whilst the smaller and cut stones are used in bracelets and necklaces.

Alexandrite bracelets1 Information On Alexandrite Jewelry






Alexandrite Necklace Information On Alexandrite Jewelry



Because of their rare nature, the alexandrite jewelry can also be used as investment. Moreover, many consider it a good omen to own alexandrite as it isAlexandrite nervous system Information On Alexandrite Jewelry said to exhibit positive vibrations that aid the nervous system whilst many have also experienced healing properties. Moreover, it is also said that the stone can boost confidence and self esteem of a person. Although it is semi precious, the alexandrite is seen to command price that is in line with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Being 8.5 mohs on the hardness scale, the alexandrite is seen to be a good option for jewelry as they can be easily cut. They don’t require a lot of care but it is best to protect them from extreme climates, knocks, scratches and even harsh chemicals.

Information on Alexandrite Pendant


It is important to focus completely on the stone when going for alexandrite pendant purchase. There are several things which should be looked out for and the first one is the amazing color change feature of the alexandrite stone. The pure ones are seen to emit green color in natural light and it changes to red in the artificial or bulb light. Because of this property, this stone is quite popular and valuable as it is the only stone which can change its color. When made as a part of a pendant, the alexandrite has the possibility to look even more beautiful and also the one who wear it.



alexandrite guide colors 300x154 Information on Alexandrite Pendant


Pure and natural alexandrite is obtained from Russia but since the mines there have been worn out, the present day alexandrite is availed from India, alex banner center 150x150 Information on Alexandrite PendantTasmania, Burma, Brazil and Sri Lanka. There is also lab made synthetic alexandrite which displays two completely different colors as opposed to green or red. The stones acquired from other countries or even the aforementioned can emit the color changes with some changes in the shade. This shade changes are experienced because of chrome, titanium and iron in the stone. After the color, the user should look at the flaws and inclusions in the pendant.



The alexandrite usually is a translucent stone with very few inclusions but there is a possibility to acquire opaque looking gems. It is important not to go for opaque looking ones as they don’t have the desired effect and look on the pendant. It is seen that larger the carat weight of the pendant, better would be its clarity. As for the cuts, because of its low hardness, it is possible to get a number of possible cuts. However, its best to go for the oval shaped ones when it comes to the pendants.


alexandrite pendant 198x300 Information on Alexandrite Pendant


As for the price of the stone, if the weight is large and the change in color is intense then the price is going to be large. Because of this, its price is even more than the precious stones. Most consider this a gemstone for 45th or 55th anniversaries. Some jewelers replace pearl with this stone or use a combination of them as both these elements are birthstones for June. As for the pendant, some go for 14k-18k yellow/white gold whilst others go for silver or platinum pendants. The silver ones are cheaper than the platinum.




The color change should be as intense in the back as in front and the chain length should be 18 inches or less. The choker length or 16 inches chain length is the best choice as it enhances the neckline beauty. The chain can be of the same or different element as that of the pendant – yellow gold, silver or platinum.

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