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Before understanding how the cut of the diamond affects the choice of the stone, it is important to understand what the diamond cut is all about. In basic, the cut ofdiamon atanomy 300x204 Diamond Cut the stone defines the well proportion quality of the diamond. This basically covers the questions like the percentage of the diameter that is the depth of the diamond, what the different angles of the stone are and how are they interactive with each other. These may seem like questions which one doesn’t care about but these factors are important in determining how beautiful the diamond is going to be. There are a number of online representatives and experts which provide a blow by blow account of all the diamond cuts but the following lines can be studied to know the gist of the diamond stone cuts.



Before 2006, the diamond buyers just had two different options when they were confused between the grades of the diamond cut. The user could either trust the AGS certification which the diamonds were sold with (a certificate mentioning and guaranteeing the grade of the diamond cuts) and also the cuts on the diamond or the user could learn regarding he different diamond cut proportions and trust one’s own education when encountered with the possibility of buying the beautiful stone. The education mainly dealt with how the numbers can be translated into a good diamond.

AGS sample 300x231 Diamond Cut

However, after 2006, GIA began a new certifications system which mentioned their individual diamond cut grading system. They have claimed that their grading system of diamond cuts is based on almost two decades of researches, tests and retests on a number of combinations which measure the real life performance of the cut.


GIA Certificate sample 239x300 Diamond Cut

The older AGS system and ratings were severely criticized for stating the definition of the ideal diamond and then giving lower grading to the ones which were furthest away from the best parameters. However, since it was the only system at the time it wasn’t opposed nor challenged. However, the newly found GIA system doesn’t have any single definition upon which the perfection of the diamond is justified. According to their claims, their researches have mentioned a number of combinations of different proportions of equally mined diamonds that are seen to reflect the best light. As can be understood from the example, in the old AGS system, a diamond which had table size of around sixty percent was automatically considered to be a Grade 2 on the grading system (from scale of Zero to Nine).

However, in the new GIA system, there are chances that the diamond can easily receive an excellent or higher rating if the rest of the mentioned parameters are the best ones which can easily combine with the sixty percent table to make the rating the best possible one. It is said that around 2005, AGS also were changing the way in which they were doing things. However, the new system mentioned by them in the later version made it almost impossible for the diamonds to get the desired ideal rating in the cut system. The GIA rating was more elegant and that’s why the AGS lost its client share to them quickly.

Realizing the losing competition, AGS labs changed their system and almost copied the one which GIA mentioned around 2008. However, it is still best to go for AGS or GIA systems when considering the best solution for the diamond cuts because these are a lot better than the instincts of any dealer. This can be seen from the fact that earlier a lot of dealers used to agree with the AGS ratings but when the GIA system was found and appreciated, the whole tune regarding the matter changed. Now, the diamond cutters have several options when they are assessing the piece that is going to be cut. This means that it is possible for them to go for a sixty percent table diamond even if a 55 percent table diamond doesn’t fit the cut category that they desire it to be.

Those looking for some last ditch recommendations can consider the following lines. In the diamonds certified by the GIA standards, the cuts of Very Good grade are seen to look best. However, there would be noticeable and appreciable improvement in the brilliance of the cut when the upgrade is made to excellent. In the case of AGS ones, the excellent grade ones are good but there is more brilliance in those which are considered to be Ideal. The triple zero and triple excellent might seem desirable on paper but it isn’t a good idea to go for those which have excellent symmetry as the difference between an excellent grade and a good grade cannot be told with the naked eye. Moreover, it is best not to go with the online vendor’s grading system when considering the purchase of diamonds on the net.

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