Emerald Mines Around the World

Emerald, being a very popular gemstone (the second most popular after diamond) is seen to have deposits in Australia, India, Africa, 50th Madagascar, Brazil and USA. However, the origin of these gemstones is seen to date back till century BC in parts of Egypt and India. The name of the stone was derived from Smaragdos […]

Identifying Emerald

It is important to identify real emeralds and how to differ them from the fake ones. For the normal people, this can be done with the four C method but those who have the scientific prowess and an eye to go into the depth of the whole thing can use other methods which include absorption […]

Varieties of Emerald Gemstone

For several ages, emerald has been a regal choice for royals and nobles as they considered the green color of the stone to resemble happiness and life for them. Considered to posses quite some mystic and healing powers, this stone is believed to be right in line with the other four precious stones that include […]

Journey of Emerald Stone

The emeralds and the name Cleopatra have a lot of history together because of the fact that Cleopatra used to prize this gem more than any other stone in her collection and also used to own her very own mines. Because of the beautiful green color on the emerald that is seen to be a […]

Differentiating Natural and Synthetic Emerald

The emerald stone has been fascinating the plant right from the time it was discovered and it is still considered to be one of the favorite gemstone of all the elite classes and dynasties that have ruled the world. One popular example is that of the Indian rule ShahJahan who was so mystified by the […]

Facts About Emerald

Although the emerald stone is widely popular with those who love their jewelry, there are very few who actually know some basic facts about this gemstone. It is considered the birthstone for the May borns and is also the gifting stone for those who have completed their twentieth, thirty fifth or the fifty fifth year […]

Emerald Necklace

The emerald gemstone is filled with a number of excellent features and is famous for several special and unique characteristic. It is important to make sure that one has all the knowledge regarding this gemstone as it gets one its proper value whilst also making sure that when combined with a necklace, it seems like […]

Emerald The Green Stone

The green stone emerald has a rich history and there have been a number of stories where this stone has been treasured and love by the ancient royalties. This was used as a worship object whilst also became a form of ornament. Moreover, people also used (mostly Indian Moguls) this stone as talismans for increasing […]

Facts About Emerald

Emerald is an important gemstone to those who are even vaguely interested in ornaments or know about their jewelry. Their lime green color boasts of peaceful tranquility and that feeling very few people are able to enjoy. Having it in your engagement ring, pendant, earrings or even a bracelet can enhance your style and looks […]

Buying Guide For Emerald Engagement Ring

The one reason a lot of guys choose emerald in the engagement ring is because of their tranquil and peaceful color. Those who look at it say that it feels like there is millions of years of mystery presiding in that stone. Moreover, because of the belief that it is regarded as a symbol for […]


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