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Emerald Mines Around the World

Emerald, being a very popular gemstone (the second most popular after diamond) is seen to have deposits in Australia, India, Africa,

manishpotdar 977J5 1 185 Emerald Mines Around the World50th Madagascar, Brazil and USA. However, the origin of these gemstones is seen to date back till century BC in parts of Egypt and India. The name of the stone was derived from Smaragdos which is Greek for a stone in green color. One of the most famous emeralds is the two thousand carat jug which was cut from one piece of crystal in the treasure of Vienna. This stone is for the thirty fifth and twentieth anniversary and also the birthstone for May borns.

Coming back to the production countries, it can be fun to know about the emerald mines that are located around the world. Starting with Russia, the Urals Mining Corporation was started in the year 2005 and now they have the rights for the Sverdlovsk emerald deposit development which is located near malyshevo. A number of sources have said that almost six hundred kgs of emeralds are present in these mines in the C2 and C1 varieties. This company is the first of its kind and as of now the only mine in Russia going for emeralds.bk0503 236x300 Emerald Mines Around the WorldThen there is the popular emerald Hollow mine in northern Carolina, United States which is open for public display. This is one of the most fascinating and unique geological locations on the planet with more than sixty different gems and minerals occur their naturally and one can even see some rare gems that include quartz, sapphire, amethyst, citrine, aquamarine, topaz and even garnet. Then there are the Columbian regions which are considered to house or historically feature the best quantity and quality of emerald deposits around the world. Because of the requirement of emeralds in the form of their hydro thermal formation, the conditions requiring volcanic rhyolites, greisens and metamorphic schist are found predominantly in Columbia.Emeralds Colombia and Pakistan photo by pustule 300x225 Emerald Mines Around the WorldMoreover, these conditions are required for good production of all the importantpatricia emerald 632 carat colombian emerald 173x300 Emerald Mines Around the World beryl compounds. The hot water passing through the calcite rocks just add the Columbian benefits to the emeralds found here. Because of their distinguishable matrix rocks, one can easily make out and distinguish the emerald deposits that have come from the Columbian mines. The deposits and the gems here are worked through hand and are seen to be unearthed from grey and white pegmatic vein calcite. However, there is a popular fact that seventy percent of these are lost while the faceting process is going on.

Identifying Emerald

It is important to identify real emeralds and how to differ them from the fake ones. For the normal people, this can be done with the four C method but those who have the scientific prowess and an eye to go into the depth of the whole thing can use other methods which include absorption spectra, double refraction and also the refractive index. For beginners, the one thing which differ the emeralds from all the other beryl elements is the deep green color characteristic that is caused because of the chromium presence in the stone. Trained gemologists look for the color of the emerald first and tests are conducted to make sure it is a fake even when the color is slightly yellow green, simple green or even the characteristic emerald deep green.

ditrichs torch emerald 297x300 Identifying EmeraldThe density determination through the specific gravity indicates the ratio between the specific materials to the water weight. It is expressed in density and it is considered to be quite useful when finding out whether the gemstone is real or not.apod723 em 189x300 Identifying Emerald Even with that, the professional gemologists go for optical procedures to make the final call on the emerald’s determination. This density can be calculated by placing the stone in beaker filled with dense liquid or heavy liquid. The specific gravity test makes sure that the judgment is done well and the result can be seen correctly on the basis that objects float in liquids with higher density, remain suspended in similar density liquids and sink in lower density liquids.

As the SG of the emerald is around 2.68, it would float in liquids with density around 3.20 while sink in those with densityAAAADGVfk8EAAAAAAL 6Sg Identifying Emerald lesser than 2.68. After that, the refractive index test can be done and in this one can check how the light refracts when it leaves from one medium and then enter into another one. The refraction amount for crystals is specific for individual gemstones and that can be helped to identify what type of stone it is.

A refractometer can be used for measuring the refraction. Here the user has to placechrome diopside Identifying Emerald the gem facing downwards in the apparatus with some contact liquid that is used for testing of gems. If the stone has refractive index between 1.41 and 1.81 then it can be easily tested. The real emeralds are seen to have refractive number which varies from 1.56 to 1.59 and when this color is seen, the genuineness of the emerald can be easily seen.

Varieties of Emerald Gemstone

For several ages, emerald has been a regal choice for royals and nobles as they considered the green color of the stone to resemble happiness and life for them. Considered to posses quite some mystic and healing powers,

EmeraldGemstone3 300x300 Varieties of Emerald Gemstone this stone is believed to be right in line with the other four precious stones that include sapphire, diamond and ruby. However, if a normal person is unaware of its variations then it is possible to get duped or not get this stone at all. This green beryl is seen to mostly occur in the mica with the hydrothermal and metamorphic origins.

The color of the rock is altered because of the varying amounts of vanadium and chromium in the stone. In fact, these are the elements that bring the gem its green color. Moreover, the varying amounts in iron can also alter its color. Because of its green color, the stone is mostly considered by those who want to wear it for everyday use. The Columbian emeralds are seen to possess the slightly green bluish and vivid dark colors desired by jewelry lovers around the world. The stone’s deposits are also seen to be found in Nigeria, Madagascar, Zimbabwe and Zambia but Brazil, Columbia and India are seen to be its leading producers.emerald jewelry set 294x300 Varieties of Emerald GemstoneAs for the buyers, Japan and USA are seen to go for more than seventy five percent of the cut emerald in the world today. Going to the producers again, the fire, crystallization and transparency of the Columbian emerald is popular around thejaffaearringemerald Varieties of Emerald Gemstone world and the deep green shade of these have started being considered as the standard for the emeralds around the world. Then the Brazilian regions have taken over with being the leading suppliers of emeralds to the world market since the eighties. The typical Brazilian stones are seen to be yellowish and lighter in color as compared to their global counterparts.

After Brazil, the combination of African countries of Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia and Zimbabwe are seen to produce the largest deposits of emerald because of the presence of a large amount of beryl in their mines. However, they lack the intensity in their green with the problems also increasing when it comes to their grayish tinge and the blunt green color. This is seen to be because of the high iron percentage in the emerald coming from African countries. After that, the other countries which produce appreciable amount of emerald include Australia, India and Russia.

Journey of Emerald Stone

The emeralds and the name Cleopatra have a lot of history together because of the fact that Cleopatra used to prize this gem more than any other stone in her collection and also used to own her very own mines. Because of the beautiful green color on the emerald that is seen to be a synonym to life itself, the topmost gemologists believe that this stone has the capability to be worshipped and loved as long as this planet exists. For beginners, this stone is also the birthstone for those who are born in the month of May and is also considered to be the 35th and 20th anniversary gem. Moreover, people believe that this green color has a positive impact on the wearer’s mind with brining more vitality to the health.

Cleopatra. 18KT yellow gold emerald necklace 300x217 Journey of Emerald StoneEmerald has seen to hold a lot of ancient heritage with the royals, nobles, kings and queens in the Indian and Egyptian regions. Earlier all green stones used to be compared to this gem but with time and scientific enhancements, the chromium Egyptian Inspired Boivin Emerald and Diamond Ring Journey of Emerald Stonepresence has seen to segregate the precious stone from the rest of the crowd. From the family of beryl, this gemstone is quite expensive in its clean and pure form. For example, the emerald free of inclusions and even one carat in weight costs more than six hundred dollars. The price of the stone varies a lot with its clarity and color and it has a hardness value of a high eight on the strength scale.

The best variations of the emerald are seen to come from the Chivor, Coscuez and Muzo in Columbia. Moreover, the Emerald Mine situated in California near the brushy mountains is quite popular for being open to public. A lot of emerald deposits are seen to be found in Africa and Brazil with the Asian countries Afghanistan, Pakistan and India seeming to have their own good supply of the gemstone. For quite some time, Egypt and Russia used to hold the key sources of the green colored gemstone.Diorearrings 300x132 Journey of Emerald StoneWhen in hands of a skilled craftsman, it is possible to sometimes experience the vibrancy and brilliance of this precious gemstone. However, even small diversions during the cutting and orientation can affect the gemstone’s value in their final stages. The inclusions in the stone are gotten rid of by placing the emeralds in oil and this part is done right after they have been extracted.

Differentiating Natural and Synthetic Emerald

The emerald stone has been fascinating the plant right from the time it was discovered and it is still considered to be one of the favorite gemstone of all the elite classes and dynasties that have ruled the world. One popular example is that of the Indian rule ShahJahan who was so mystified by the beauty of these gemstones that he decorated the famous Taj Mahal with a spectacular inlay of emeralds and number of other precious gemstones. Egyptian pharaohs used to go for this stone in their crowns and some were also buried with their emeralds. Some also believe that this auspicious stone can remove all evils from one’s life.

diamond emerald tiara 300x182 Differentiating Natural and Synthetic EmeraldHowever, with the change in time and the increase in its demand, a number of fraudulent companies and individuals have started selling the imitations and the synthetic emeralds in the name of the real ones. 51SDEyb5JzL. SL500 AA280  Differentiating Natural and Synthetic EmeraldThere are imitations available for those who wish to buy them but the problem comes when they come in the market in place of the real ones. These are very cheap as compared to the original ones and it is important to know how to differentiate so that the best choice can be made. The following lines provide information on some of the major differences that are quite obvious or sometimes less obvious between the natural and the synthetic emeralds.

The specific gravity of the natural emeralds is seen to be higher than the synthetic ones and the same is the case when it comes to the refractive indexes. Aside fromAAAADD9Jep4AAAAAAWQ7dg Differentiating Natural and Synthetic Emerald that another difference can be seen because of the making of the synthetic emeralds. The hydrothermal and flux growth processes which are used to make the synthetic ones make the lab made stones to shine a very unexciting shade or red in UV light. However, this phenomenon is not experienced when it comes to the natural emerald.

The natural emerald is also devoid of the feathery inclusions which are quite famous when it comes to the synthetic ones. Moreover, the impurities in the natural emeralds are seen to produce a spectacular green light but the synthetic emeralds aren’t able to replicate that phenomenon. Moreover, the natural emeralds can be made clearer and better looking if they are oiled or rubbed with resin but this cannot be done with the synthetic ones. It is important to be aware of the fake or the lab made emeralds because the real green stones are considered to be second most precious gems after the diamond and are priced on basis of that.catphoto Differentiating Natural and Synthetic Emerald

Facts About Emerald

Although the emerald stone is widely popular with those who love their jewelry, there are very few who actually know some basic facts about this gemstone. It is considered the birthstone for the May borns and is also the gifting stone for those who have completed their twentieth, thirty fifth or the fifty fifth year of marriage. Those who have a decent pocket can think of gifting this stone to the person they love considering the fact that the original emeralds are seen to be quite expensive. Those looking for simulators, synthetic or imitations can always get a decent price. But if one needs to avoid that fraud then it is best to know something about them.

EmeraldAnniversary 300x74 Facts About EmeraldEmeralds have their name derived from Essmeraude which is French but the origin was actually from Latin Greek as it was discovered million years ago in the CleopatraLearn More About Genuine Finest Emeralds Facts About Emerald mines in Egypt. Although this fact might be repeated quite a few times but to know the genuineness of the stone, it is best to know about the four C rule of the gemstones. In all the Cs, the color is considered to be the most important factor because the whole beauty and significance of the emeralds is that they come in some beautiful and divine looking green shades. The variations of the color occur because of the change in the chromium that is present in the crystal’s chemical composition.

It is said that no two deposits or mines would have the same composition or color of the emerald and that is why a number of emerald shades are seen to be in existence. With the enhancement in the chromiumhouseoftaylor emerald1 300x232 Facts About Emerald content in the stone, the color of it becomes dark and rich. As aforementioned, the color of the stone is quite important factor to judge the whole thing and one can even check the country from which it originated with the help of the color. The Columbian emeralds are seen to be deep green in their color with the Russian ones being pale and patchy green.

The stones from Zimbabwe are seen to also possess deep green color but their size is quite small.emerald 300x241 Facts About Emerald The gems which are mined in India are seen to be valued best and are bluish green in their color. The Zambian gemstones are also popular with their clarity and color being appreciated by most of the jewelry lovers out there. As for the other Cs, they are not as important as the color and if one does good research on the color then the whole thing can be made easier.

Emerald Necklace

The emerald gemstone is filled with a number of excellent features and is famous for several special and unique characteristic.

Hammerman Emerald Dia Necklace 233x300 Emerald Necklace It is important to make sure that one has all the knowledge regarding this gemstone as it gets one its proper value whilst also making sure that when combined with a necklace, it seems like the best choice possible. The modern jewelry can be made from a versatile and stunning range of semi precious and precious stones or sometimes the combination of both of these. Because of its rich and divine green color, the emerald has always been quite coveted by the popular and royals in the form of jewelry, whether it is in the present modern world or in the bygone ancient one.

The necklaces that have been crafted from this are a popular example of that as they not only look very beautiful but they also add a lot of class to the one who is wearing them. The rare and natural wonder of the stone can be lent to transform into quite possible some of the most stunning necklace designs which are desirable for both the old and the young. Just like all the other gemstones, the 4C or the cut, color, clarity and carat is important when going for this and the following lines should be read to makes sure that the best necklace choice is being done.elizabeth taylor emerald necklace xlarge 250x300 Emerald NecklaceWhen it comes to emeralds, the most unique and the important characteristic is their divine green color which also gives them the popularity of being the spring gemstone. Emerald Necklace Being a part of the Beryl family, the vanadium and chromium present in the stone give it its green color. The richness of this color enhances its value with the price increasing when the stone color gains its richness and saturation. The emerald with lighter green shade and less inclusions is considered to be quite cheaper.

Because of it being one of the hardest gemstones available to us, it has the most number of fissures and inclusions. These are easily visible to anyone but they never take away from the beauty of the stone. Still, if it is possible that the user gets a clear emerald then he or she should go for it. The process of cutting is quite problematic because of the stone’s brittle nature but the emerald cut has been designed to overcome that problems. Mostly rectangular and square, this cut adds a lot of beauty to the whole setting and as for the carat; the smaller ones are seen to be better as compared to the bigger and weightier ones.

Emerald The Green Stone

The green stone emerald has a rich history and there have been a number of stories where this stone has been treasured and love by the ancient royalties. This was used as a worship object whilst also became a form of ornament.

Emerald 3D Emerald The Green StoneMoreover, people also used (mostly Indian Moguls) this stone as talismans for increasing their good luck. In today’s time, the popularity of the stone cannot be questioned with many clamoring to make this stone a part of their jewelry sets. Its divine green color is thanked because of the vanadium and chromium present in it and with a high hardness rating, this stone is believed to have the most fissures and inclusions as compared to other stones.

As for the origins, emerald is said to go back to almost thirtieth century BC with the ancient Egyptians and Indians believing that this stone used to signify rebirth and eternal love. The green color is the color of the nature and had always been Img 231126emerald ganesh 225gms s Emerald The Green Stoneworshipped in the earlier ages whilst some also considering this the color of life. Because of the fact that the green color used to signify spring and the re-coloring of the forests, the green of the emerald signified rebirth and life. This made this stone being worshipped and loved as the one which symbolizes the life’s eternal cycle.

Even the Romans used to worship the emerald because of their beliefs that this symbolizes Venus who was also the goddess of beauty and love. One of the ancient and largest emeralds in the world has been auctioned by the Christies for a huge amount of money and it is also believed to carry sacred inscriptions written on it. Moreover, the green emerald is also seen to give the color green that is seen in the religion Islam.emeraldring1 Emerald The Green StoneThe other major characteristic of the emerald apart from the green color are the fissures and the inclusions that are found in it. For beginners, these are caused by intense heat and enormous pressure that these stones have to experience at the time that they are being crystallized. birthstone mayemerald Emerald The Green StoneThe flaws are seemingly minimized and the stone is also strengthened by treating it with resin or oils. Because of these cracks and inclusions, it is seen that this gemstone is quite durable and hard. Still, the color remains the most important characteristic and is the one to see when going for this stone. Also seen as the birthstone for the May borns, this stone is highly coveted by those born in or around this month for good luck.

Facts About Emerald

Emerald is an important gemstone to those who are even vaguely interested in ornaments or know about their jewelry. Their lime green color boasts of peaceful tranquility and that feeling very few people are able to enjoy. Having it in your engagement ring, pendant, earrings or even a bracelet can enhance your style and looks to another level. However, even with all this beauty, there is little that everyone knows about the stone. The following lines provide the basic information that is not generally available for the green diamond. emerald jewelry 20 04 091 300x300 Facts About EmeraldThe chemical composition of the diamond is that it’s beryllium aluminium silicate and one can get it in colors ranging from light blue green to lime green with some having a bit of yellowish tinge to them. The wearer or buyer might also see a white streak in them.200168 P1560E SIZE 18 Facts About Emerald With a refractive index of 1.58, this stone is quite reflective and looks good in the sun or any other artificial light. Moreover, combining it with aquamarine or diamond can bring a wonderful combination to the whole jewelry set but can also take a major chunk of one’s savings. With a specific gravity of around 2.7, the luster of the emerald is vitreous. In its solid state, the stone can be translucent to transparent depending on the inclusions that are in the stone.

The system of its crystals is hexagonal which means that they are quite hard to break and this is reflected by its eight mohs hardness on the hardness scale. This is important to know because this hardness enables craftsmen to turn them into any shape without having to worry about their delicacy. The cleavage of the stone is poor but the designs which are incorporated are quite good. Emeralds are seen to have conchoidal fractures with a bi refringence of almost 0.005.Emerad neklace set 300x248 Facts About EmeraldTheir pleochroism is quite weak and they have a brittle tenacity. One can get synthetic emeralds in the market but these and all the other variations are mostly seen to be enhanced. This gemstone is quite abundant and the sources include United States of America, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Norway, Afghanistan, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Columbia, Zambia, Austria, Russia and India. There are some precautions for the stone which include saving them from scratches, sharp blows, harsh chemicals, acids, steam and even water. Moreover, the wearer should also avoid sudden changes in temperature and even excessive heat.

Buying Guide For Emerald Engagement Ring

The one reason a lot of guys choose emerald in the engagement ring is because of their tranquil and peaceful color. Those who look at it say that it feels like there is millions of years of mystery presiding in that stone.

hcjhbhj Buying Guide For Emerald Engagement RingMoreover, because of the belief that it is regarded as a symbol for purity and love, the demand for an emerald diamond ring has been quite high on the list. This combination or even emeralds alone can justify the very special ornament that an engagement ring is. Because of this, it is considered best to get these made for order because of their pricey and unique nature.

As for the emerald engagement ring, there are some facts which the user should be aware of. There is a way in which the user can determine the design that they are going to choose for the ring by taking in consideration their budget and also the taste of their lady. One thing which should be made sure is to always get the base of the ring and the stone separately as it saves people a lot of money to do that. As for the selection, the user just needs to follow the 4C rule which stands for cut, color, clarity and carat. As for the first one, the delicacy and precision in the cut is what dictates the stone’s price. The emeralds are cut in a number of shapes which include cabochons, squares, ovals, rounds and the popular emerald cut. Buying Guide For Emerald Engagement RingAs for the color, these are available in a number of green shades. Because of the vanadium and chromium presence, these can be bluish green, yellowish green or even grassy green. A2908295 20090524163354 Buying Guide For Emerald Engagement RingThe best quality emeralds are the one which have a lime jelly color. This is quite important to determine the price because small ones with a fine color price more than big ones with weak color.

As for the clarity, this dictates the clearness in the stone and this is as important as the color of the emerald. If there are a number of inclusions in the stone then it would get a soft appearance and this is how the emerald really looks.emerald square Buying Guide For Emerald Engagement Ring But, if one gets a rare inclusion free emerald then one should be sure that the price of that is going to be high. The carat is the weight of the emerald and the best ones are usually quite small. In fact, some say that it is hard to find good emeralds with fine color and clarity over two to three carats

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